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Henna Mehndi is traditionally used by South Asians.The Arabic and modern designs are so beautiful.Find pakistani, indian henna mehndi patterns and tatoos

Pakistani Henna Designs For Girls

Top Ten Most Popular Mehndi Design Patterns for Women & Girls, such designs forces the girls and women to come out of their houses even on very busy day of wedding and chand raat for eids in search of a mehndi artist.

Pakistani 'Mehendi'...or Henna Art.....

There are many types of mehndi patterns girls here. Mehndi or Henna Designs are different for different occasions. Like Mehndi Designs for.

Metallic henna..This is what im doing at my wedding. Bare feet and white/metallic henna up and down my legs

Ooooh, I've never seen white henna before. Makes me want to go to an Indian wedding. I love the white henna, it is really original and intricate, it also stands out against the tan skin. Maybe I should get some white henna