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henri cartier-bresson. This image caught my eye straight away as I love the unique angle of the spiral staircase. It inspires me because I find the idea of up close and slowly fading away very interesting and will give me ideas and inspiration for my photography work.

Street Photography magazine

This is a photo by Henri Carier-Bresson I like this one becaue it has a leading line angle in and I like the way how he took this picture looking up spiral stairs with people popping their heads up,

Photo-sculpture : Brno Del Zou http://brnodelzou.ouvaton.org/index.html #photo…

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Brno Del Zou has created portrait photo-sculpture series by revisiting the faces and highlighting their volumes in order to create photo installations.

I remember seeing this photo  what a image of the depression, if I am right . Black and white you can not be there it

imagenes historicas

"Migrant Mother" The Great Depression and Dust Bowl era of American history captured some powerful images. This photo was taken of Florence Owens Thompson, a migrant worker mother, in California It has become an iconic image of that age.

Sabine Weiss, Paris, Contrejour, 1953

"Sabine Weiss, Vers la lumière, Paris, Here, Light or Art Photography fits in all boards - Beautiful any where.

paris. henri cartier-bresson.

Black and white pictures of paris france. Black and white pictures of paris france.