I like the way that the image has been overlaid with lots and lots of different faces, it gives the image more depth to the meaning and it shows lots of different people and small parts of them creating a new image with a new meaning

3 Tips To Help You Create Photo Collages The Easy Way

Human face made of several different people, artistic concept collage by Zurijeta, via ShutterStock

david hockney photo collage | David Hockney.

photojoiner-this image is special because it uses the shape of the landscape which creates an intriguing artwork

NY HIGHLINE PHOTOJOINER by Talilla Henchoz, via Behance

This is a Photo joiner of the New York Highline. I created this using about 50 images all from a single stationary position. My technique was inspired by artist, David Hockney.

Annette Messager / installation

French artist Annette Messager incorporates photographs, prints, drawings and various materials to create beautiful haunting art installations.

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Photo-montage by Erin Chase. I purely loved how these three images work together as a triptych. Very clever. The landscapes used seem to be endless and seem to be quite serene and isolated

maurizio galimberti - Google Search

maurizio galimberti - Google Search