Hope House Cornwall | Light Locations

Did you also notice that there are less and less white walls around, while always more rooms with walls painted in neutral colors such as beige and gray? My favorite neutral color no doubt is exactly the mix of gray and beige, …

Green Oak Framed Extension Dining Room Interior. By Carpenter Oak

Timber frame with skylights and windows for passive solar heating. Could have earthship-style solarium/greenhouse extension connected outside.

This adorable cottage looks like it should be on the beach with trails of  sand coming in on wet feet! White from floor to ceiling with touches of  colour the house has a wonderful relaxed feeling. Things I am loving are  the simple sheet thrown over the couch as a slip-cover, the gorgeous beamed  ceiling and the pretty grouping of mirrors on one wall and antlers on the  other! The kitchen is great with rough wood cupboard doors and open  shelving over the counters. Really just perfect…

White Beachy Cottage

Cottage Kitchen with Restoration Hardware - Vintage Barn Pendant Black, Whitewashed exposed beam ceiling, Wood counters