leave words on page; cut out unwanted words; page underneath shows through #art #journaling #techniques

Cool riff on blackout poetry. LM leave words on page; cut out unwanted words; page underneath shows through (alternative to the found poetry project) altered book page

Daniel Minnick - LLUDUS  I really like the idea of painting on someone's hands or other body parts, and photographing them with it over their face.

Girl with eyes painted on her hands. They look like hamsa hands (Arabic) or hamesh hands (Hebrew) to protect against the evil eye.

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Artsonia Art Museum :: Artwork by erblin2

Artsonia is a kids art museum where young artists and students display their art for other kids worldwide to view. This gallery displays schools and student art projects in our museum and offer exciting lesson plan art project ideas.

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surreal and whimsical cat portrit photography , I would love to make one and just stand silently on a street and see everyones reactions Cat Mask eyes

Maribleduca: abril 2011

Maribleduca: abril 2011 - Start with a black square and challenge students to come up with a design.

Geometric Maps on Behance

Geometric Maps on Behance "These haunting photographs show painted figures overlaid with a web of linear structures. The images explore the human mind; the interconnected maze of human thought.

Jean Faucheur - Photographie 2000 ? 20..

Jean Faucheur - Photographie 2000 ? 20..

Giuseppe Arcimboldo -  The Librarian

Giuseppe Arcimboldo The Librarian Datecirca on × 71 cm × 28 in)Current location Skokloster Castle