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17 Pretty Makeup Ideas With Pastel Colors

This was a big thing with the Valentino show. The show was focused around romantic braids. This is just a french braid that starts in the middle of the crown and then wraps around your head in a counter-clockwise rotation.

victorian and edwardian mosaic garden path designs and styles london interesting use of floor for interior/exterior

Anna ~ Do ur hair like this tonight for work?? ill try it too:) High fashion hair for the everyday woman!

I have a weird thing for messy hairstyles. karibug I have a weird thing for messy hairstyles. I have a weird thing for messy hairstyles.

Thom Browne Pushes Boundaries (And Buttons!) Backstage

Thom Browne Spring 2014 Backstage Photos

brings new meaning to the expression, "your hair looks like a bird's nest".i'm happy it's in style, I rock the bird-nest-doo all the time.

Cotton candy hair & lace gloveletts <3  | For Marie Claire China

Video of fashion editorial for Marie Claire China by Amber Gray. Shoot on location at Little Cupcake Bakeshop in NYC and Amber Gray Studio.

I love this look.

I think I'm going to grow my bangs out so I can do this hairstyle! I won't look like her, but heck, who cares.it will be fun! Pastel Purple/Pink Hair Editorial @ The Beauty ThesisThe Beauty Thesis

Mandarin orange cocktail rimming sugar - add sparkle and an orange sweetness - to your champagne or martini glass. By Dell Cove Spice Co., in Chicago, Illinois. http://www.dellcovespices.com

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Etsy Mandarin orange and poppy seed cocktail rim sugar - recipes, directions included - citrus-flavored drinks, cocktails, martinis

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Wedding Makeup And Hairstyle Inspiration From Celebrities Brides. Chignon Hairstyles Updo Chignon Hairstyles For All Occasions.