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Stephanie Barton

Stephanie Barton
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°°° bits and pieces - - poem about love and trust

“because when you share / hidden parts of yourself / with someone else, / you’re trusting that person / to hold the secret sections / of your heart / and to love the bits / you thought / were unlovable” –m.

Oh Yeah Girly Tattoos

I fell for your thoughts, the way that you said my name, how you make me speechless. I ache to be inside your mind, hear the whisper of every thought, get lost in your deepest desires. I want you lying down next to me.


Find someone who traces the lines in your hands just to feel close to you, and someone who believes the ocean is trapped in your eyes. Find someone who loves the bones in your body and loves the skin that you live in. Find someone who will help you love y


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