Numicon in Playdough on

Numicon in Playdough links fine motor skills with the familiarisation of Numicon shapes

great hands on activities exploring capacity and volume. I think the boys would have fun with this

I like this hands on lesson. Math Problem Solving: Exploring Capacity - Kindergarten Kindergarten (love these hands-on exploration activities!

Numicon & aqua beads on

Use aqua beads with numicon shapes. Fish out a shape, then fill it in with beads, counting out loud!

Numicon Balance Scales help visualise numbers

Numicon Software is a breakthrough product that enables teachers and pupils to engage with modern Interactive White Boards by creating a fun environment that helps the youngsters visualise numb…

Exploring capacity with rice, bottles and funnels. EYFS

Exploring capacity with rice, bottles and funnels. Such a nice capacity activity

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