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illustration by matteo berton for anna foa’s book ‘portico d’ottavia’.

Nancy Liang creates diorama-like collages out of hand-drawn elements on kraft paper. Her nearly monochromatic work features nocturnal scenes of small towns that seem to become enchanted at the stro…

Roald Dahl: Danny The Champion of the World

This was one of my favorite books growing up! I think I read it 10 times! My forth grade teacher read it out loud and someday I will too! Roald Dahl: Danny The Champion of the World

I really liked the beginning to mid part of this book because it tackles a very interesting and novel idea for alien species. It goes far beyond little green men, and I admire that. Also, Hoyle was a physicist and this makes the book much better than what you'd read from any random sci-fi popular science wannabe who does some "research" for few months. The world needs more scientists turned authors. The book also (Gasp!) contains math in between prose. Awesome.

John Griffiths book cover for Fred Hoyle’s The Black Cloud, I saw in The Guardian that Penguin book illustrator John Griffiths had died and it seemed appropriate to share one of his striking covers.

Read all of Roald Dahl's books. Really. Start with Danny the Champion of the World. My childhood favorite and a must if you somehow missed it. Read his adult stuff too. Be prepared to be surprised.

Roald Dahl’s Writing Hut Within the hut, Dahl would sit in a big chair (because desks hurt the back he injured in WWII) and write on a large pad of paper (he didn’t type).