Ford Sierra RS Cosworth 1986-1988 Photo 07

The Sierra RS Cosworth may have just turned but this fast Ford has grown old disgracefully.

Ford Sierra Cosworth TwinTurbo in UK Great Britain optained a vehicle with classical distintion a version very partycullar nothing as him better than him nothing.

this 1987 Ford Sierra Cosworth TwinTurbo is owned by Justin Steel the Ford Sierra is related to the Ford Scorpio Ford Granada (Europe) Merkur Scorpio Merkur Ford

No many cars can scare by idling... but the sierra sapphire cosworth can...

No many cars can scare by idling. but the sierra sapphire cosworth can.

RS500 cosworth

Ford Sierra Cosworth –Looking for some eighties Euro hatchback fun? The Sierra itself was a pretty boring family car build by Ford Europe. A gentleman called Stuart Turner turned it into a beast and racing legend.