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George III mahogany and satinwood cabinet was designed by John Linnell during the 18th century.

For Sale on - An important George III period mahogany and satinwood cabinet designed by John Linnell.

Slipper feet on Queen Anne Dressing Table, Newport, Rhode Island

Queen Anne dressing table because of its classic cabriole legs that terminate in slipper feet and the bat-wing shape drawer pulls

Lie-Nielsen Hand Planes

This Modelmaker's Plane is what we used to call a handled palm plane, and is similar to the old made by Stanley (starting in 1898 but discontinued in the except for cheap foreign-made copies) .

Lie-Nielsen Chisel Planes by Garrett Wade

Made of bronze and steel with the blade set at a very low The standard chisel plane can be used either one- or two-handed. The lever cap is solid brass and the threaded adjustment is e

Lie-Nielsen Drawknife with Leather Case

Lie-Nielsen Drawknife with Leather Case

Lie-Nielsen No. 8 Jointer Plane

This is the largest of Lie-Nielsen's production bench planes, a massive long with an cryogenically treated wide blade and weighing An awesome tool, highly effective in the right hands.