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Tallulah Stephens

Tallulah Stephens
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Smirnoff fucking Double Black & Passion Pop from my adolescent years.

Sorry for the f bomb.but this is definitely true of most women. Sorry, girls.but most of y'all are a major pain in the ass.

Drinking Quote

Always buy a bigger bottle than you think you'll need. Better to be safe than sober.

How it usually goes down around drunk white girld

When I'm drunk with my cell phone. You Get A Text! You Get A Text! You Get A Text! Everyone Gets A Text!

thanks rudy

You have to let all of the nosy people know ahead of time, hey don't get too friendly in my phone once I show you this picture!

. . .or the hot water. I have stories. . .

"That moment when you're trapped in the corner of your shower because the cold water is running!" - Or scalding hot


This was so funny I had to pin it. Planks really do work and I know I don't look like the top and most of the time feel like the bottom, but so what. At least I can plank!

every time

Funny pictures about Drop something while in bed. Oh, and cool pics about Drop something while in bed. Also, Drop something while in bed.