All the girls had one. Why? lol

Ballerina Music/Jewelry Box - Mine was a little different (pink) but this one brings back memories - enamel jewelry, turquoise jewelry, ring jewellery online *ad

8 track'd hear the other side bleeding through, and it would change tracks right in the middle of a song, making everything pause for a second..

8 track tapes: Billy had an eight track player in his car.

werkte ook goed om je handen mee schoon te krijgen na het werken in de tuin...

Vim schuurpoeder citroenfris ontsmet en verfrist - the only one my mother used!

Look In AND Worzel Gummidge - two birds with one stone

The 'junior' TV Times! Included childrens TV listing guide for all of the ITV the days when ITV cared about it's regions.

Pippa dolls - I had so many of these - I wasn't really a lover of dolls but I did love these and the Amanda Jane dolls too.

Pippa dolls - pocket money dolls and outfits , one a week from the supermarket

My Dad hated Bob but watched it with all the Grandchildren because they loved…

BOD with PC Copper, Aunt Flo and not forgetting Alberto Frog and his amazing animal band! Ha now loads of girls wear their hair like Aunt Flo.

my first cigs, always my favourite. given up now but would love to smoke a pack of these one more time

I used to make a tank out of the wmpty box .if anyone remembers .