Corporal Elspeth Henderson and Sergeant Helen Turner, 1941 by Laura Knight. Photograph: The Royal United Services Institute. During the second world war Henderson and Turner were awarded the Military Medal for bravery for continuing to work on their switchboard even as their RAF base was bombed. 'It is the distinctive orange-red of their lipstick that catches the attention, all their pluck somehow captured in the careful application of a little Max Factor.'

Laura Knight: Portraits – review

Dame Laura Knight — Corporal Elspeth Henderson and Sergeant Helen Turner, 1941

Corporal J. M. Robins, Women's Auxiliary Air Force by Dame Laura Knight

'Corporal J. Robins, Women's Auxiliary Air Force', 1941 by Dame Laura Knight ~ IWM (Imperial War Museums)

Dame Laura Knight, ‘The Gypsy’ exhibited 1939

The Gypsy by Laura Knight 1939 >'Her gorgeously economical painting of a Gypsy called Gilderoy Smith has an intimate sexiness quite at odds with Knight's usual emphasis on beauty.

ca1930 Dame Laura Knight (English, 1877-1970) ~ 'Gypsy Splendour'

"Gypsy Splendour" - a painting of a gypsy woman called "Granny Smith". Painted by Dame Laura Knight circa