Great idea for a poster! The Home Brewing Calendar ($43.75) |

For Jeff Home Brewing Calendar, for all those people who keep asking me about seasons of beer

Making Wild Nettles Beer

Nettles Beer

" "Just making beer from some wild nettles I picked." Making Wild Nettles Beer-- a fun and simple home brewing project that yields an IPA-like beer, without the use of hops or grains! And it's ready in just a couple of weeks!

Home brews flavored vodka.

Homemade Extracts~ orange, lemon, vanilla, etc.I have made homemade Vanilla extract for several years now.

Home brewing fermenting chiller.

Home brewing fermenting chiller If you a home brewer and you want to take your beer to the next level, regulating the temperature you ferment at is the next step to A-Class beer.

Home Brew infographic

Another great Home Brew infographic to help you get started with your own home brewing project