Butternut Squash & Spinach Risotto by Rachel Cotterill, via Flickr  Azzam:  Could do without the butternut squash.  Spinach Risotto alone would be great.

Butternut Squash & Spinach Risotto

Veggieful: Vegan Mexican Lasagne Recipe

Vegan Mexican Lasagne Recipe Well this lasagna it’s different, first of all because it’s vegan and than because it’s made on a Mexican way. That’s why I made this list, to introduce you the Mexican cuisine.

spicy quinoa stuffed avocado- take away the spicy and this looks amazing

spicy quinoa stuffed avocado - recipe doesn't quite add up.I would add some spice using fresh jalapenos or crushed red pepper and I think the "cilantro sour cream" is the cashew mixture explained in the recipe also.

sweet potato stuffed with black beans, corn, green onions  http://recipes.veggiefocus.com/post/58679135765/sweet-potatoes-stuffed-with-chipotle-black-bean

An easy (and healthy) summer dinner: Sweet Potatoes Stuffed with Chipotle Black Bean & Corn Salad. - not the sweet potato part, but the corn salsa!

Crockpot Eggplant and Tomato Stew with Garbanzo Beans | Fatfree Vegan Recipes

Based on the Chilean Porotos Granados, this vegan white bean stew includes butternut squash, kale, and fresh basil for a hearty and flavorful one-pot or Instant Pot meal.

Vegan Recipe: Asian Kale Slaw

There are above 160 quality recipes from breakfast,meat and fish to vegetarian recipes. Additionally, you also get nutritious dessert recip.

Vegan Recipes: Taquitos

Learn how to make taquitos for the whole family or for parties. There is nothing quite as good as authentic Mexican taquito recipe.

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Vegan Buffalo Wings recipe - Veggie Grill in the LA area had a vegetarian version.

Mushroom & Buckwheat Soup

Mushroom & Buckwheat Soup from simple veganista - this was so good it surprised me.