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Thunderbird Five - Space station in geostationary Earth orbit monitoring broadcasts around the globe for transmissions calling for help; also manages communications within International Rescue Joe 90, Thunderbirds Are Go, Nostalgia, Sci Fi Tv, Sci Fy, Classic Sci Fi, Classic Films, Old Tv Shows, Vintage Tv

The Most Beautiful Space Stations in the Universe

Everybody loves a gorgeous spaceship that can zoom through the cosmos — but there's something majestic and beautiful about a space station, that stays in one place or orbits one planet. Here are some of the most beautifully designed space stations in any universe.

Thunderbird 2 by Graham Bleathman Geeks, Thunderbirds Are Go, Technical Illustration, Sci Fi Ships, Classic Sci Fi, 3d Models, Science Fiction Art, Space Travel, Retro Futurism

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Thunderbird 4 is GO! サンダーバード Are Go, Joe 90, Thunderbird 1, Transformers, Thunderbirds Are Go, 60s Tv, Sci Fi Models, Sci Fi Tv, Old Tv Shows

Thunderbird 4

Thunderbird 4 - International Rescue's one-man submersible utility vessel - takes on rescue missions above and below the seven seas, in the TV series Thunderbirds. TB 4 is kept ready for action in its own specially-equipped pod, in TB2's massive hangar bay. Due to its limited range, it's usually transported to danger zones rather than travelling on its own.

Model dioramas built by a Thunderbirds fan! The British sci-fi TV series ran from 1965 to Via

Thunderbirds Mid-Century Design

A mid-century blog about all things mid-century and mid-century modern, including mid-century art, design and furniture, especially Broyhill Sculptra.

Thunderbird 5 is the space station of International Rescue. Packed with electronics, Thunderbird. Sci Fi Series, Tv Series, Joe 90, Timeless Series, Thunderbirds Are Go, Classic Sci Fi, Sci Fi Tv, Cult, Saturday Morning Cartoons

Thunderbird 5

Thunderbird 5 is a space-station - the orbital listening post of the top-secret organization International Rescue. TB5 - which monitors all radio communication on Earth 24/7, for distress calls - holds the honor of being the very first IR craft to appear on-screen, in the TV series Thunderbirds.

Gerry Anderson, who has died aged had TV hits with Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet Joe 90 and Stingray Christopher Eccleston, Sci Fi Series, New Series, Transformers, Joe 90, Doctor Who, Timeless Series, Thunderbirds Are Go, Nostalgia

Gerry Anderson and his supermarionation superstars – in pictures

Gerry Anderson, who has died aged 83, had TV hits with Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet Joe 90 and Stingray