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When they're in our homes and eating our food, most consider mice to be repulsive pests. But out in their native fields and woodlands, mice are about as cute as it gets. Because of their adaptability and speed, they are one of the most wide-spread and suc

Monster lineup

Edited an old picture by Arthur Adams titled Monster Lineup: The Usual Suspects, I removed the meter lines, fixed the weird spot in the middle of the pi. Monster Lineup: The Usual Suspects

Shobu zukuri 1060 spring steel, kouken at right. Hira zukuri 1075 spring steel Samgakdo at left. Munetoshi forge with Sanadahimo sageo in ronin musubime and chu musubime aka knots.

S&W Model 41 Target Pistol

This is the gun that Mersault used to kill the Arab. I think the sun may have reflected off of the chrome and the gun and that's what caused Mersault to shot and kill him.

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do i emerge these two movies together because i remember frozen fleet full of manipulated dna aliens waiting a right time to wake up near destiny new home galaxy and it was founded by humans ?