Driving a Vespa is definitely a whole lot about style,'' she explained. The Vespa was the very first globally prosperous scooter. A scooter is the fin.

Small faces - a really interesting English pop band.

The Small faces - they were mod royalty, teeny bopper favs and kick-ass blue eyed soul musicians

Mods on scooters in Carnaby Street, London, during the filming of ’Steppin’ Out’, 1979. Photo by Paul Wright.

Mods on scooters in the Carnaby Street area of London filming ‘'Steppin’ Out’' Photo by Paul Wright, summer the summer of the Mod revival.


The art of motor scooter maintenance - Die Kunst einen Motorroller zu warten

Cult: A scene from cult film Quadrophenia, based on the mod subculture, in which Vespa and Lambretta scooters were central

Fancy a date with one of these? Lambretta calendar from 1969 features sexy girls, bikinis... oh, and a few scooters


Pete Meadon said of Mods they were seeking.'Clean living under difficult circumstances'.