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a man standing in front of a shipping container with the words shipping container camera on it
Check out Brendan Barry’s Shipping Container Camera. Probably the most unwieldy and oversized cameras ever but it's being used to harness the power of photography to create a unique community experience. Great idea! on Vimeo
a bunch of animals that are standing in the water with one person on it's back
Travel Photographer of the Year: What was the best?
Mara river, Tanzania - Nicole Cambre/
an image of a planetary object in the sky with stars around it and a bright blue center
Helix Planetary Nebula
Helix Nebula. Or as i see it, Gods Eye (:
an image of the earth taken from space showing clouds and blue hues on its surface
Our Beautiful Planet: Images from Space This world is really awesome. The woman who make our chocolate think you're awesome, too. Please consider ordering some Peruvian Chocolate today! Fast shipping!
the sun shines brightly over europe as seen from space
Europe at midnight
a row of red planes sitting on top of an airport runway
'Prepare for Takeoff' by Steve Smailes Photography
RAF Red Arrows prepare to take off from their base at RAF Scampton. Prints available here :
a man riding a bike down a cobblestone road with his arms in the air
Lincoln in Lincolnshire, Lincolnshire
a small dog jumping over an obstacle course in the grass with its mouth wide open
Some great attractions at The Lincolnshire Show 2015 Day 1. See my gallery on The Lincolnite: @lincsshowground @lincsshow #lincsshow15
a white plate topped with food on top of a wooden table
Madame Waffle Opening 22-06-2015 SS-23
Went to shoot the new waffle house call Madame Waffles in Lincoln this morning. Amazing food and delicious coffee. Can't wait to go back! Full gallery here:
a woman is sitting on the ground and holding a fire stick in her hand while she looks at the water
25 Beautiful Night Photography examples and Tips for Beginners
25 Beautiful Night Photography examples and Tips for Beginners | Read full article: | more | Follow us
an info sheet showing the different types of aircrafts
A Step-By-Step Guide To How Photography Actually Works
[Infographic] The Science of Photography
a close up of a small bird on the ground
Swan & Cygnets, Lincoln 3rd June 2015
Swan & Cygnets, Lincoln 3rd June 2015
people are walking through a subway tunnel with tile flooring and red railings on either side
The Tube
Love the Tube system in London
a woman's face is shown in the center of an image with stars above it
Hubble captures 'Pillars of creation' in unprecedented detail
The new Hubble photo of the pillars of creation is sharper than the original, and also has...
an auditorium full of people watching a concert
Steve Smailes Photography
You Me At Six headlining Slam Dunk Fest in Wolverhampton. Taken in Wolverhampton Civic Hall which was a great venue. I'd love to go again. Lots more shots on my website.
a man standing on top of a stage holding his hands up in the air with lights behind him
Seth Troxler at Moda Lincoln Day Party, May 2014
a collage of photos with people playing and singing in front of a large crowd
Steve Smailes Photography
Here's a few shots from Slam Dunk Wolverhampton. Amazing event and so many great bands! Slam Dunk #sdf15
an aerial view of a concert venue at night, with the stage lit up and people in the audience looking on
Getting set for Dot To Dot Notts & Slam Dunk fest in Wolverhampton Sun & Mon! Getting pumped for it already!
a woman is swimming in the ocean on her surfboard
Photography inspiration | #645
Photography inspiration
an escalator with motion blurs on the floor and lights in the background
Photography inspiration | #645
— “...Most runners run not because they want to live longer, but because they want to live life to the fullest. If you're going to while away the years, it's far better to live them with clear goals and fully alive then in a fog, and I believe running helps you to do that. Exerting yourself to the fullest within your individual limits: that's the essence of running, and a metaphor for life...” ― Haruki Murakami
the full moon with a small plane flying in it's left side, taken from space
Astronomy Picture of the Day: 11/19/13 - The ISS Transiting the Moon
In a truly one-of-a-kind photograph, astrophotographer Theirry Legault captured this detailed image of the International Space Station transiting the moon from our vantage point. This is such an incredibly difficult shot to capture since the ISS is constantly traveling at 7.5k meters per second, or about 28,0000 km/h (17,500 mph). Legault took this image from Avranches in Normandy, France a few hours before the eclipse, on December 20th of 2010. He used a Meade 10″ ACF on Takahashi EM400, with a Canon 5D mark II.
Your beautiful eyes on Behance Eye Photography, Close Up Photography, Eye Close Up, Close Up, Human Eye, Realistic Eye, Photos Of Eyes, Eye Art
Your beautiful eyes
Your beautiful eyes on Behance
two people are walking through an ice cave
Exploring the Ice Caves in Vatnajökull, Iceland | Graham Lloyd
an image of a large star cluster in the sky
In pictures: 25 years of Hubble
NGC 2264 Cone Nebula
a woman sitting on rocks in the middle of a forest with sunlight streaming through it
The Nature Isle of the Caribbean by Sarah Lee / 500px
Photograph The Nature Isle of the Caribbean by Sarah Lee on 500px
an image of a colorful star in the sky
Nox Vigilata
weareallstarstuff: Soul Nebula wonderful
the sun as seen from space
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The sun is 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit and 93,000,000 miles away from Earth. It is also 1,000,000 times the size of Earth. 960,000 Earths would fit inside it. If Earth was a golf ball, the sun would be 15 feet in diameter. It would take the Gross National Product (GNP) of the U.S. for 7 million years for a power company to run the sun for 1 second.
a close up of a dog's face with other dogs in the background
Steve Smailes Photography
One of the shots from the Countryside Lincs 2015 event I shot for @lincsshowground earlier this year. This hound certainly was not camera shy!
the color run is coming down the street as people are walking by in front of them
Lincolnshire Showground
Taken at the @hospiceuk #colourdash15 earlier this month. See more images at