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Shark attack is truly a terrifying experience for the victim. This infographic contains information and statistics on the relative risk of shark attacks. Find out how a shark attacks and prevent from being a victim.


I LOVE SHARKS! Sharks are some of our favorite sea creatures to (safely) encounter on our dive trips and we love learning more about them. For instance, did you know that some species only grow to be inches long?

Shark Conservation. It's for everybody

Status of the Shark Infographic. I found this infograph fitting since it is Shark Week, one of the best weeks of the year. I am a little obsessed with infographs since they are filled with such random and (sometimes) mind blowing facts.

Sharks Count

Infographic on shark finning and the importance of sharks in marine ecosystems - Pew Environment Group

Modern Day Hemingway

Lee Renee Jewellery* Types of Shark Diagram - These sharks are being slaughtered to make "Shark Fin Soup" mainly in Asian restaurants across the world. Their population has decreased by in the last 10 years. Do Not Order Shark Fin Soup.

Green Sea #Turtle Coral Reef Big Island, #Hawaii by Lee Rentz

Green Sea Turtle Swimming among Coral Reef off Big Island of Hawaii~ Lee Rentz! I think i may have seen this turtle some time ago. He was beautiful.