The magpie. "Strong, silent wisdom. It invites us to sing and create with all the beauty in one's heart, and then to fight like hell for what's rightfully ours, for what's there for the taking, for what is within reach" Communication & creative expression. Beckons us to reveal our brilliance.

hippiepiegypsybird: Magpies can look like boring black and white birds until they open their wings and reveal their beautiful blue and green feathers

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Donya Coward Magpie Anthropologie Antique Victorian Beading Mourning amazing magpie art bird doll embellished with beautiful beadwork.

Magpies - Stilt Walkers cool gothic, steampunk style circus street performers isnt it great to see a real fashion magazine style photograph of this

One for sorrow, two for joy - these Gatsbyesque Magpies provide the perfect walkabout to add a slightly darker edge to a Halloween event.

Sid Frissell (Emigrant, Montana), Magpie Patterns, 2005)

Magpie Patterns - Black-billed Magpies by Sid Frissell

Art by Steven Squall, inspired by the Radiohead song "Morning Mr. Magpie". Magpies are known to steal especially shiny objects to use in building their nests.

"Magpies" by Steve Squall

Magpie feather

It seems Kevin, our new addition to our magpie family got himself a little too vocal and excited at feeding time this morning that he shed .

Magpie Feather Stained Glass from Emily Stained, Etsy

Another feather variation. does require more soldering, but the effect is fab.

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