Nancy Creek Guesthouse by Philip Babb Architect

Nancy Creek Guesthouse by Philip Babb Architect

Nancy Creek Guesthouse by Philip Babb Architect. While this is not a shipping container home, the lines are similar and so could be used as inspiration for interior layout.

Be great for an outside office/spare space for people to stay [ ] #office #wainscoting #design

14 Outside Work Pods To Detach Yourself From The Office

I like the verandah on this one

These pop-up modular pods can add a garden studio or off-grid escape just about anywhere

Pod Space have designed a series of incrementally sized garden offices and studios including the Micro Pod, Micro Max Pod, Mini Pod, Glide Pod and the Eco Pod. That’s a lot of pods, with prices.

A Micro-home, a garden office studio, holiday home, Student accommodation, play room, guest house, granny annex, home gym, garage and much more.

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Modern cabin design inspiration: this little cabin isn't a cabin at all, but a small annex, intended to serve as a guest house, at Split View Mountain Lodge, a family vacation house in the mountains of Norway.

Modern Cabins I'd Love to Curl Up In

The V-Lodge by Reiulf Ramstad Architects offers perfectly framed views of the Norwegian landscape. The pinewood exterior is used to compliment the surrounding birch forests.