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Joanna Przybylska
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Hmm this would be Perfect for someone right now. Karma is a bitch tho 😘

For all those lies you've told me! My "friend"!

I don't miss the person I thought you were! But I am the 'Crazy'. Only crazy from what the Fake Conniving Backstabbing Bitch you were. I thought were my friend. Fuck you very Much!

I'm strong now! I know that I can do better all by myself!

Don’t talk to me because you’re bored. I’m not here to entertain you. And don’t come to me only when you need a favor. I don’t like being used – Quotes Lover

Parents know the best!

Parents notice your fake friends before you do. and sometimes you see your parent's fake friends before they do. :) I love you, momma'.

Good question...!

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It's look like that...

I was just thinking about eating the leftover Chinese I have. Then I came across this. Oh you're dating my ex? Cool, I'm eating a sandwich want those leftovers too? Yep you can have all of them!