Table Tennis Bat

French artist Gilbert Legrand adds some whimsy into everyday objects by transforming them into delightful characters. For the past 10 years, he's found hid


Pour tout l'art du monde — Gilbert Legrand -France- Détourneur d’objets.


Gilbert Legrand is a visual artist-designer sensitive to the design of diverted objects! He made this creative and fun series …

Tape Measure

O mundo imaginário de Gilbert Legrand / The imaginary world of Gilbert Legrand; I always wondered what to do with my wooden measuring stick.


everyday object character - At first glance, people might not be able to see past one of two things when it comes to this everyday object character series.


French Artist Gilbert Legrand Turns Everyday Objects Into Playful Characters


French Artist ,Gilbert Legrand Turns Everyday Objects Into Playful Characters via Bored Panda


French artist Gilbert Legrand’s new series takes everyday objects like corkscrews, tape measures, and more and turns them into hilariously cute characters that almost make you forget their original purpose. Skillfully using each object’s natural s.

Paint Brush

Gilbert Legrand Transforms Everyday Objects into Playful Cartoon Characters


French artist Gilbert Legrand turns everyday objects into cute, humorous characters. Through his creative use of each tool's natural shape and his talented painting, the pieces take on lifelike qualities and make you almost forget their original purpose.

Cork Screw

French artist Gilbert Legrand creates little playful characters from everyday objects : scissors, brushes, corkscrews and taps become a lovers couple, a waiter,