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the interior of an old car with blue leather seats and steering wheel, including dash board
GS interior with wood GS steering wheel
an old concrete building with stairs leading up to the top floor and second story balcony
Queen Margaret Union – Glasgow
Queen Margaret Union – Glasgow – Brutalist Constructions
black and white photograph of futuristic architecture in the city
13 Things I Found on the Internet Today (Vol. DLXXXIII)
a black and white photo of a chair in a room with light coming through the windows
Muted by NONO No06 Dining Chair Elegant Simplicity Solid Wood
Brutalist chairs boast a strong, yet passive presence with minimalist designs that highlight the rich textures of natural oak wood. The goal was to showcase the beauty and character of the material. — More info at
a black and white photo of a tall building made out of blocks with geometric shapes
Architecture: Gian Paolo Valenti
Gian Paolo Valenti Architecture D'Aujourd'Hui 102 Jun 1962
two chairs and a potted plant in an empty room
Brutalist Furniture Features In The New Chabanel Collection By Atelier Barda - IGNANT
the atlas of brutlast architecture
Much-Reviled Architectural Style Trending Again, Thanks to Instagram
a black bench sitting on top of a cement floor next to a gray tarp
Collection "Chabanel II" de Foraine, le département design du studio d'architecture Atelier Barda - Journal du Design
« Chabanel II » est une collection de meubles d’inspiration brutaliste réalisée par Foraine, le studio de design fondé par le cabinet d’architecture de Montréal Atelier Barda. La collection se compose d’un fauteuil et d’une table basse à cinq pieds, tous deux fabriqués à partir de béton hautes performances. Aussi bien dans le design, que dans les matières et les imperfections, le studio s’est grandement inspiré du mouvement brutaliste. Jusqu’à présent, les prototypes étaient produits en...
a concrete chair with metal frame and footrests
modernism meets brutalism.
a black and white photo of a spiral staircase
Fuck Yeah Brutalism
Tricorn Centre, Portsmouth, UK, 1965 (Owen Luder Partnership)