Monochrome Dress Art Installation - reflecting on the past & present and cultural commonalities // Laura Baruël ripped clothing silhouette sculptures;

Master of the arts: Many professors of anatomy say they still use da Vinci's drawings to teach medical students as the accuracy of his work has rarely been surpassed

Hundreds of years ahead of his time: Leonardo da Vinci's extraordinarily detailed anatomical drawings show he was more than a match for today's medical technology

Dress Sculpture "Acquaintance of Kelp Forests" at Selby Fleetwood Gallery - made from kelp, driftwood, vintage silk & lace // Christina Chalmers

WOW - if only you could dress in this! Acquaintance of Kelp Forests ~ Kelp, Driftwood, Vintage Silk & Lace 56 x 41 x 41 ~ Christina Chalmers

Fashion as Art - intricately structured dress with intertwining rope design…

"Pratt + Paper & Ralph Pucci." For more on the exhibition, go to

Paper dress by second place Meredith Lyon and Beatrice Weiland and hanging paper sculptures by Su Ting Chen and Samantha Johnson

.. violise lunn

Next in line for paper fashion creations in the wonderful Paper book is Danish fashion designer Violise Lunn . Lunn's studio is bur.