Altskeith, Kinlochard, Aberfoyle, Stirlingshire Scotland

Stay at Altskeith House in Aberfoyle, Scotland and experience a traditional Scottish Wedding ceremony

Rainbow heart wreath

Heart Wreath of rainbow coloured spring flowers to celebrate equal marriage in…

Rose heart wreath

Stockbridge Flower Company, Vintage Wedding Show, Sunday September at Waldorf Astoria - The Caledonian, Edinburgh

Anemone wreath

Anemones - available to Scottish brides in February. Contact The Stockbridge Flower Company for more details.

Cream rose and blue thistle sheaf funeral tribute - an elegant combination for a Scottish gentleman

Funeral sheaf containing cream roses and blue thistle, tied with a raffia bow. May retail at about This would be suitable for a woodland burial.

Cream avalanche and blue thistles - an elegant tribute for a Scottish gentleman

Cream avalanche and blue thistles wreath. This is an elegant tribute for his funeral or memorial service.

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