Beautiful table décor in 'A Garden Gala' on the Etsy Weddings blog. Image by Chris Cooney

note the yellow gingham on the burlap runner. Gorgeous yellow and white wedding table setting - eco wedding decor

Love the lavender and daisies together

Keep Calm And Marry Tom

Yellow Sunny Bouquet - You always looked good in Yellow and I thought this would be a lovely wedding bouquet for you.

Sunshine, Daisies and Glamping for a Beautiful Humanist Woodland Wedding…

Wild Flowers Bouquet Bride Bridal White Yellow Purple Daisies Relaxed Fun Rustic Countryside Barn Wedding

I love a couple relaxed enough to bounce around on space hoppers on their wedding day. So much fun. In fact Ben and Rebecca's June wedding was smiles a plenty;

White and pale pink bridal bouquet | Photography by

An Indian Tikka and Sequins For A Cornish Seaside Summer Wedding

wildflower bouquets - cute for the flower girls in a smaller size?

yellow white wild flower bouquet / nice for a centerpiece Photographer - Annemarie King ♥

All of our favorite flowers: | Photography: Rebecca Yale -

Elegant Seaside Belle Mer Wedding

Burgundy Peony Coral Charm Peony Blush Peony Cafe Au Lait Dahlia Peach Ranunculus White O’Hara Garden Roses Romantic Antike Garden Roses White Tweedia Spray Roses Honeysuckle Vine Mint Olive Branch

Paper White Narcissus for xmas sale

Floral centrepieces made easy

Paperwhite Narcissus- Narcissus papyraceus, when forcing indoors switch from pure water to 1 part alcohol to 7 parts water when stems are a few inches tall to stunt leaf and stem growth. Prevents leggy floppy plants, even in shallow dishes.

YELLOW RANUNCULUS - Getting married in March? See our seasonal flowers board for a full list of flowers that are available for florists to buy in March for a Spring wedding. Whether you are planning a romantic, wild and natural bouquet or bright and vibrant table centrepieces - our month by month boards cover every possibility for every month be it Winter, Autumn or Summer! xx

Ranunculus As the saying goes: "To the taste the colors, the colors for the flowers." Each person should choose the flowers that you like best. But if you're looking for a visual stimulus, remember that yellow flowers tend to go the extra mile

Old House Gardens | Daffodil Bouquet "‘Sweetness’, ‘Geranium’, and ‘Double Campernelle’ daffodils with bluebells and grape hyacinths in a bouquet by the amazing Suzanne Lewis."  What a great combination to plant near each other for maximum impact! Website links to a great site for when/how to cut flowers from bulbs for arrangements.

Old House Gardens -- Daffodil Bouquet "Sweetness", "Geranium", and "Double Campernelle" daffodils with bluebells and grape hyacinths in a bouquet

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