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many records are stacked on top of each other in bins with pictures and cds
500 Greatest Albums of All Time
Nirvana, 'Unplugged' - 500 Greatest Albums of All Time
an advertisement for the vinyl store
Home - Vinyl Elite
Please come and visit our vinyl website, new stock arriving every day, all genres, all music tastes from classical to punk, LP's to singles, many bargains to be add, offers and discounts available on request.
a room filled with lots of wooden boxes and records
a neon sign that says we have vinyl with a turntable in the shape of a record player
Vinyl and Other Delights: Bild
Vinyl and Other Delights
a record store filled with lots of records
rock n roll will never die
OPEN RP Blue) I was working an extra shift at the record store, luckily not a lot of preps show up here, so I get to relax. I grab my guitar from the back room and start playing and sing along to some records, I didn't hear the door open or the bell ring, so I continued to play. I don't normally play in front of people so I jumped surprised when you said "you're pretty good at that" "holy shi-" I say frightened I quickly put the guitar down embarrassed and act like nothing happened "um... Th...
two people walking past a store front on a rainy day
See this Instagram photo by @vinylmonger • 386 lik
the logo for his master's voice shows a mouse with a megaphone in its hand
there are many records on the shelves in this store that is filled with cds and magazines
Grunge - Mundo de Músicas
there are many different images in this collage
a person is playing an organ in a music store with vinyl records on the shelves
My favorite album by The Beatles 💛 on We Heart It
imagem descoberto por S H A Y N A. Descubra (e salve!) suas próprias imagens e vídeos no We Heart It
a cartoon character is surrounded by records and record players in a room full of books
Found it
there are cassettes that have been placed on top of each other in the dark
Audio tapes