Kirstie Johnson

Kirstie Johnson

Kirstie Johnson
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Pierrot - used to have pics like this up in my bedroom as a kid

Pierrot - used to have pics like this up in my bedroom as a kid

Pierot - pierot wallpaper, pierot bedding, pierot pommander, I had the lot x

Pierrot Dolls Bring Back Memories

Dandelion tattoo

Dandelion Ankle Tattoo by alwaysnilla- but.instead of a bird for all your loved ones who have passed.put a star. I like that better.

breezy dandelion

Dandelion tattoos meaning

Oak leaf tattoo

Leaf tattoos can represent one's journey, the cycle of life. Learn about leaf tattoos, leaf tattoo meanings, leaf tattoo ideas, and view dozens of leaf tattoo designs.

Canadian Inspired Tattoo. - I really like this idea. I've seen similar ones but in a heart shape

Canadian Tattoo Inspiration for Girl

Tumbling oak leaf tattoo by Fil Wood of Black Crown Tattoo in Leeds, UK

To finish my back piece by adding Ryley and Evan with leaves falling between all three.


Folk art-style flower tattoo by David Hale. Exactly my style!

flower anchor tattoo | Gorgeous Shoulder Flowers Tattoo for Women | Tattoo Ranking

tree on shoulder. Maybe cherry blossom


Reuse an old tree to make a log pathway in your garden. Good use of "yard" trees and other wood that can't be milled; works much better in climates without termites. Good drainage under the log rounds will make the path last longer.