Just a little bit of inspiration for your Pumpkin Projects! We can't wait to see what lovely photos you guys send in! Don't forget to use #CosyCarvings on…
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a pumpkin with a deer in it next to some candles
Haunt Your Home This Season with These Easy DIY Crafts
Turn your pumpkin into a diorama with a cute scene inside this Halloween.
a fireplace with pumpkins and other decorations on it
15 Non-working fireplaces – architectural metaphors that change the atmosphere in our homes
15 Non-working fireplaces – architectural metaphors that change the atmosphere in our homes
four pumpkins that have been carved to look like they are glowing
Geek Up Your Halloween With These Nerdy Jack-O-Lantern Ideas
Cool Jack-O-Lanterns for Halloween - In order - Spiderman - Squirtle from Pokemon - Batman - Kirby - Link from Zelda - Death Star from Star Wars #VideoGames
many different images of pumpkins in the dark
Pumpkin Carving Patterns
Pumpkin Carving Patterns
the most creative halloween pumpkins you'll ever have to make them look like they are
The Most Creative Halloween Pumpkins Ever Seen!
Whether you enjoy carving or painting best, you'll love these inspiring ideas for your Halloween Pumpkin! Disney, Cookie Monster, other animals and more.
two pumpkins and a vase with flowers in it sitting on a wooden table next to each other
10 Cute, Spooky and Fun DIY Painted Pumpkin Ideas - Gurl.com
One of my favorite things about October and Halloween is easily... pumpkins. I don't just like to eat them - although all pumpkin things are pretty delicious - I also love going pumpkin picking and coming home with a few that are ready to be carved up. Voila! Instant perfect Halloween decorations! But carving a pumpkin is really hard! Those suckers are pretty tough to cut into and once you get the knife in there,
a group of pumpkins sitting next to each other
We are running a competition, just #CosyCarvings with a photo of your pumpkin in front of your fire for a chance to win!
a person holding a large pumpkin with the words happy halloween painted on it
38 Insanely Creative Ways to Decorate Your Teal Pumpkin For the #TealPumpkinProject
Whimsical Gold Script
two white pumpkins sitting on top of a cake plate next to some tissue paper
Genius Pumpkin Decorating Ideas to Try This Halloween
Skip the carving, and paint your pumpkins! Great idea for a pumpkin decorating party.