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Ruth Fenton

Norfolk / 16. Love music, art and photography!
Ruth Fenton
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20+ Double Exposure Photography Examples

Double exposure photography is also some times known as multi exposure photography. The thing which is found common in both these categories is the photography

Silhouette with city skyline in background

We've seen here at Abduzeedo some fantastic double-exposure photography, and it's great to know that some photographers appreciate the idea enough to make a full project of it, like Jasper James. Jasper has captured some great

Hiding and showing emotion

Would look good as the front cover or in the double page spread. By the woman hiding her face, it gives the picture a very dramatic feel and makes it feel edgy, perfect for a rock magazine

Multi exposure - facial features and hand blend - photoshop OR acetate layering

Illusion: I like the idea of distorting the face to create more emotion. Her hands unsuccessfully covering her face offers more meaning than the photo would hold without them.