Artyom Shabalov by Dorothée Murail.

Artyom Shabalov by Dorothée Murail - The had wet the material and let it stick to certain parts of the face, making it look like the persons features were fading away

gone by Johanna Maja, via Flickr

hjadejonesphotography: “ Unit Submerged This photograph was taken by Johanna Maja, a fine art photographer specialising in surreal and perplexing portraits.

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Situation- this picture represents the middle of the film. The picture represents the characters inability to see words, yet the focus of the picture is the person themselves, which is soemthing that the character can focus on and see.

Janet Fish, Windex Bottles, 1972. Excellent resource for studies of glass reflection and light through translucent objects or liquids.

Janet Fish, Windex Bottles, She is amazing. great inspiration for glass section of drawing/painting

вопрос № 11 The lovers (1928) - Rene Magritte Gallery..с художниками и картинами оказалось сложно... в итоге я решила выбрать то, что я действительно повесила на стену в своем доме...картины этого художника насыщены интересным смыслом для меня..это - для размышлений..

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Dark Citris Oil Painting 18"x24" by Emily Christoff.

Dark Citris Oil Painting by Emily Christoff. This painting shows an implied gel like texture like a lemon actually has. Movement is shown in an upwards motion by the vein-y lines in the lemon.

Photorealistic paintings of fruit by Dennis Wojtkiewicz

Incredible Photorealistic Paintings of Delicious Fruit

Todd Ford

blue paintbrushes jug still life

Arnulf Rainer #artist #portrait

Arnulf Rainer - A Nose Adjustment (Face Farce), 1971 Untitled (Face Farce)

Grant Cornett / Fashion Still Life | Helloartists

Tag Heuer’s rose gold Carrera Calibre 1887 watch, sweatshirt from Tim Coppens, and Giro Inglese riding pants from Gucci.

By Antony Gormley, this immersive installation used dense fog to disorientate and engage the viewers senses, often causing groups of people entering the space to loose one another. ‘You enter this interior space that is the equivalent of being on top of a mountain or at the bottom of the sea. It is very important for me that inside it you find the outside. Also you become the immersed figure in an endless ground, literally the subject of the work.’

Gormley finds himself in the fog

Gormley: Humidifiers create a dense vapour, reducing the visibility inside the eight by 10 metre glass enclosure. The resulting luminous fog makes it disorientating for those inside.