The System | One Minute Film

The System - A fictional short film based on the novella "Chess" by Stefan Zweig. Two players face each other in a game of chess, where the reality is reflec.

A Night Walk (1-Minute Film)

A Night Walk (1-Minute Film)

Station | One Minute Film

One minute film about love.

URGENT - One Minute Short Film

In this action comedy, Max (Peter Keavy) is a normal man on a quest to go to the toilet and he won't let anyone get in his way.but that may come as a conse.

Support | Future Shorts

Support | Future Shorts

Peel - A one minute film by Doug Garth Williams

Peel - A one minute film by Doug Garth Williams

I'm Sorry I Hurt You - 1 Minute Film

Year Film Project for CityVarsity Cast Mark Preller and Jess Sutton Crew Producer, Director, Editor - Frankie Stromberg Cinematographer - Garrin Bo.

Life - 1 minute film

Winner of "ONE SHOT" International Short Film Festival Winner of Solidarity Shorts International Film Contest

One Minute Film | KIM | panasonic gh3

One Minute Film | KIM | panasonic gh3

The Black Hole | Future Shorts

Charlie, a sleep-deprived office worker accidentally produces a black hole out of the photocopy machine - and then he gets greedy.

MOVE Remixed | 1 Minute. 1 Man. 1 Epic Journey.

STA Travel sent three mates on a mission to cram 44 days, 10 countries, miles and 18 flights into one minute of sublime travel movie making. MOVE — one epic journey and the experience of a lifetime for Andy.


WINNER Best Filminute 2011 LOOP - Weird film but it has a working and simple idea. The idea of waking up and doing the same things, a bit like the film groundhog day.

Life Changing Road (One minute shortfilm)

Life Changing Road A film by A. Ortega Gonzalez, Y. Bilal, L. Topher & A. Ljung Simple actions can change the future.