"Once upon a time..." Story shelves

This is just a picture, but a great idea to get kids excited about story telling and retelling." Story shelves: LOVE THIS!

Updated story shelves in my early years classroom

I chose this because I love the idea of reading these stories to children and allowing them to act them out again wit props.

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Year One continuous provision maths area ideas. Lots of loose parts for problem solving. Footprints could be adapted to multiples of

Continuous provision in early years 1 shelf added each week to train children To use resources correctly.

" The Orientation Weeks in Early Years at FIS: FroTeachers think of adding 1 shelf each week to train children to use resources correctly and helping them learn the concept of "A place for everything and everything in its place.

Continuous Provision- how effective is yours? http://abcdoes.typepad.com/abc-does-a-blog/2012/03/part-two-outdoors-and-continuous-provision.html

CONTINUOUS PROVISION The work I am doing at the moment with settings on how they are managing their continuous provision is having some really positive impact on attainmentso I thought.