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a woman is working on some art work with watercolors and pencils in front of her
a table topped with lots of different types of cloths on top of each other
four different types of flowered paper laid out on top of each other in rows
there are many boxes with hand prints on them in the room and one is empty
Screens ready for printing
a woman is painting a peacock on a canvas
the machine is working on some type of screen
School order. Royal blue colour
a man sitting at a desk in front of a computer
two people sitting at a table with art work on it and one person standing in front of them
Shopping, Shopping Bag, Paper, Paper Shopping Bag
several people sitting at desks with computers and monitors in an office setting, one person is on the phone
Art department
two men working on an art project in a factory
Sam and David printing on the carousel
a woman standing in a warehouse next to stacks of boxes
a man standing at a table with stacks of papers
David stacking and packing
a woman standing in front of a table with an open book on top of it
Diana counting tea towels
there are many machines in the building
a machine that has some red stickers on the side of it with numbers and symbols
Promotional tea towels
two people working on some type of machine in a warehouse with boxes and other items
Screen Technicians Printing
four pictures of cows in black and white are shown on the floor next to each other
In our Factory: Progression of a Print - Stuart Morris -
two pictures of a cow in a frame being held up by a person's hand
In our Factory: Progression of a Print - Stuart Morris -
a machine that is sitting on the ground
Creating and Printing Designs for Women V Cancer - Stuart Morris -
Carousel Printing
print carousel
The Development of Unit 2 - Stuart Morris -
print carousel
people are working on different designs at the same desk, and one person is using a computer
Hard at work on new designs