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Cute Vizsla pictured, but my weimaraners don't do cold, wet or hot weather! They are slightly spoiled, one showed the others she hated getting wet so none of the others will get wet either!

Front garden path. Will paint the stones with Rustoleum Glow in the Dark paint and have a lit path. Should be pretty cool at Halloween. DG rocks instead of grass between the flag stones.

GARDEN, beautiful, mow over, and path serves as both garden border and path simultaneously, very efficient. wsh Garden Path More - Idyllic Gardens

garden path

Love this yard! Grass Grout: For a Wonderlandish back yard. just add red roses, some topiaries, and of course a white porcelain rabbit.

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Crochet Rose Flower In Bloom Free Pattern: Crochet Rose Flower Pattern for Beginners, Rose with Edging, Colorful Rose Crochet Ideas

10 Awesome Ways to Make a Cell Model

She got an A+!Is there a science project in your future? Not to worry! Earlier this week, I shared how to make a Plant Cell Model, and today I have a tutorial for making a Model of an Animal Cell. I wish.

UAU! Complete seu look com itens de qualidade

Athleta Palisade Pant, thinking about something like this if in a capri style. I would love pants exactly like this I also love the top (color and style).