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the front door to a house with two windows and an entry way leading into it
House on the Pond - Austin Patterson Disston
a lamp hanging from the side of a white brick building next to bushes and trees
Contemplate — Dixon/Kirby
Contemplate — Dixon/Kirby
a white house with an open garage door
the front entrance to a house with two large planters on either side of it
Briar Manor Lane- Portfolio
a large white house sitting in the middle of a forest
a white house with a clock in front of it
a large white house with lots of windows
Bernard De Clerck | Architects-Residence Ge. in H.
a brick building with an open door and large windows on the outside, surrounded by greenery
Residential — SHM Architects
a white brick building with a wooden door
an open window on the side of a white house with purple flowers in front of it
a large white house surrounded by trees and bushes
Pursley Dixon Architecture
an outdoor dining area with table, chairs and potted plants
a kitchen sink sitting under a window next to a counter top with baskets on it
The Inside Word with Tara Mangini — Natalie Walton
The Inside Word with Tara Mangini — Natalie Walton