Bee Skelton

Bee Skelton

Bee Skelton
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Autumn-Leaf-Gorgeous-New-Stained-Glass-Panel-Chain-pewtermoonsilver - this would look great as a repetitive pattern too

Hand Painted Wine Glasses, Wedding Glasses,Anniversary Glasses, Snowflake design £30.00

These delicately painted wine glasses make a fabulous gift for weddings, anniversaries etc. You could also treat yourself and brighten up the evening of a casual weekday with these stylish glasses. The design is outlined with a raised liner which is th.

So beautiful! Emerald CRYSTAL Wedding Glasses Hand Painted by NevenaArtGlass, love emeralds very nice

Emerald CRYSTAL Wedding Glasses Hand Painted by NevenaArtGlass.I would think gallery glass or similar dimensional glass paint, could be used for this effect.