Rustic Furniture

Our rustic/reclaimed furniture ranges are crafted from wood that has served its original purpose, but given a second life as new pieces of individual furniture. The wood has a story of its own, as the timer bears the markings, paint chips, scuffs, and scraps from a previous life. This adds to the character of the rustic furniture. Our selection of rustic home furniture is created with the expertise of a skilled craftsman, which exhibits a no-frills look that is all about simplicity.
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a wooden bench sitting on top of a white background
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Baxter Small Bench - Style Our Home
an industrial style dining room with brick walls and wood flooring is featured in this image
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Baxter 4-6 Seater Extending Reclaimed Dining Bench Set
the sideboard is made out of wood and has four drawers on one side with metal handles
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Baxter Large Sideboard - Style Our Home