30 Examples of Food Photography

Good-Such a fun and creative photo. It is simple and great look at by having seeds raining from the watermelon. Sarah Illenberger Captures Food as Familiar Objects

Sarah Illenberger - vegetals!

Salad Dress Hey there green fanatics! Push your organic-sustainable-veggie-lifestyle in the overdrive with the Salad Dress, created by Sara Hillenberger. No pollution, no child labor and no animals where hurt making of this dress. Its a utopian green

Sarah Illenberger Photography

A must have book for the papercraft lover. I am currently in love with this book. Papercraft: Design and Art with Paper

artyschocke, sarah illenberger

Sarah Illenberger's ideas for her Tutti Frutti series began on a food market stroll in Tuscany/Italy. She gave almost every fruit or vegetable a new meaning.

From Sarah's Website

Sarah Illenberger, information graphics for “The Truth about Sex,” published in Neon magazine, 2008

rubine, sarah illenberger

‘Strange Fruits’: Food Transformed Into Gems, Brains, and Rubik’s Cubes

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