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a woman sitting in front of a window looking out at the valley outside her house
peaceful eyes
Meditation comes in many forms...Stillness represents the inner balance of the human so the spirit can proceed with unification of the mind soul & heart <3
a woman sitting in a large hot tub surrounded by rocks and trees with fall foliage
温泉に入る | 信州高山村観光協会
Shinshu Takayama Onsen
an indoor pond with rocks in the middle
the pagoda is surrounded by tall trees and stone walkways that lead up to it
The Five Story Pagoda, Mount Haguro, Yamagata, Japan
people walking down an alley with cherry blossoms on the trees in bloom and buildings lining both sides
Quand partir au Japon ?
Le printemps japonais (de mars à mai),
a pond surrounded by trees with red leaves on the ground
紅い絨毯 | GANREF
Kyoto Botanical Gardens, Japan: photo by デジカメ自由人
a sign on the side of a dirt road
赤い糸 ♔
hachimitsu: 湯布院町 (by Gracia Chua Min Yi)
an empty city street with cars parked on both sides and buildings in the background, surrounded by mountains
two people walking down the street in front of some houses
行走在日本 배경/길거리/낮/분위기/빛/전봇대/일본
an empty street with wooden buildings and mountains in the background
Top 21 under-the-radar destinations
Kiso Valley, The three-hour hike from Tsumago to Magome in Nagano takes you through gorgeous countryside between two lovingly preserved Edo-era “post towns”.
the mountain is covered in autumn foliage and trees with red leaves on it's sides
白糸の滝~富士山 | GANREF
Autumn in Shiraito Falls and Mount Fuji , Fujinomiya, Shizuoka, Japan