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a lamp that is sitting on top of a wooden table next to a dresser with pool balls all around it
Pool Ball Lamp | Perfect for Mancave or home office | Spots, Stripes and Red
Lampshade is not included, these can be found separately in my shop! These quirky lamps are made from genuine 38mm (1 1/2 inch) and 51mm (2")pool balls, stacked perfectly, and securely, on top of each other to create this great effect! First choose which style you would like: 1. All reds, small - 38mm balls 2. Spots, small - 38mm balls, numbers 1-8 3. Stripes, small - 38mm balls, numbers 9-15 4. Spots, large - 51mm balls, numbers 1-8 5. Spots, large - 51mm balls, numbers 9-15 6. Red & yellow, la
a mirror that is on the side of a wall covered in pictures and magnets
Y2K Road Circle Mirror
Introduce a touch of retro aesthetic to your space with our Circle Mirror. This accessory seamlessly merges functionality and style, offering a sleek round design that not only serves as a practical accessory for your daily routine but also doubles as a striking decorative element. Crafted with precision, and its reflective surface and minimalistic frame creates an illusion of added space, making it ideal for any room. Versatile and timeless, the Circle Mirror is designed to effortlessly complem
a person taking a selfie in a mirror
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a hand made out of felt sitting on top of a table next to potted plants
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