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a drawing of people standing in front of a stage with an elephant on the floor
In the Shelter (3)
image: A view of people sleeping in a shelter. Adults and children sit asleep on benches and on the floor. One man wearinga hat stands asleep with one foot on the edge of a bench. In the left corner the warden stands watching the sleepers with a woman who hasher back to the viewer.
a drawing of people walking down a road in the woods
The Wehrmacht, May 1945
image: a view down a tree lined road in Germany, with a column of defeated and injured German soldiers walking towards the viewer. Some of the men drag wheeled carts of belongings with them and there is an air of dejection about the scene. Two German soldiers rest in the ditch to the right of the road.
an image of a drawing of people in the woods
Battle in an Orchard of Almond Trees in Sicily: Morning of July 21st 1943
Image: a track running through an orchard with a stationary tank on the right. Two bodies lie at the side of the track and the ground is covered in debris. In the centre of the image is a group of injured or exhausted soldiers sitting under a tree.
a drawing of two men cooking in the desert
Bivouac in an Orchard of Figs near Burg-el-Arab
image: Two soldiers are kneeling around a contained fire cooking some food. In the background there is man on a donkey andanother figure in red crossing a sandy landscape. In the distance there is a water tower on a hill.
a drawing of people standing in front of a building
Troops in the Birka
image: a street scene with arched entrances to a yellow arcade in the right foreground. At the foot of one of the columnsa one armed beggar sits holding out his hand to two passing soldiers. To the left a small boy is trying to sell them postcards. Through oneof the arches can be seen two black-robed Arab women. A mural of a kilted bagpipe-playing Scot is on the wall.
a drawing of people standing in front of a tree
The War in Maida Vale : 'There Is Life in the Old Dogs Yet'
image: A group of elderly home guards stand outside a pub watching a blonde girl wearing a black suit walkby.
a drawing of some people walking down the street
image: A crowded street filled with factory workers. Two women wearing overalls and headscarves walk together arm-in-arm in front of a hotel.
a drawing of a man laying on the ground next to a dog
Louvain. The road to the bridge, May 1940
image: A view along a bomb-shattered street leading to a bridge. There is a small dog lower foreground and a sleepingsoldier mid-left of the composition.
a drawing of people sitting in front of a fire hydrant
With the 300th: Lunch in the Nieppe Forest
image: Two soldiers lean against the back of a truck in the forest, drinking from a bottle. There are two other soldiersin the background, reading a map.