Eric Ravilious

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an airplane flying in the sky over land
Modern, English and Strange | Jenny Uglow
an airplane is flying over the water with two men standing on it's side
Widower discovers wife's Ravilious masterpiece 'print' worth £312,000
an old drawing of a boat in the water
Eric Ravilious, A Warship in Dock, 1940
a group of men standing on top of a beach next to the ocean holding wooden poles
Modern, English and Strange | Jenny Uglow
an airplane is flying in the sky over a field
Ravilious at Dulwich: dot and speck and dash and dab
a drawing of three men standing on a platform with a ladder in front of them
Diver (from the 'Submarines' series)
an image of a man looking through a telescope at ships in the water and on land
Rare Ravilious submarines surface at Sworders
a drawing of a ship in the ocean with clouds above it and another boat on the water
HMS Tetcott by Eric Ravilious - 1941
a painting of a bedroom with a bed and chair
Eric Ravilious, The Operations Room, 1941
a drawing of people in the woods with trees and bushes behind them, one person is walking is for sale
Idbury Prints: An online gallery of original fine art prints
two people sitting at a picnic table under a tree
Tirzah Garwood - Wikipedia
Two Women in a Garden: Garwood (right) and Charlotte Bawden, by Eric Ravilious.
black and white photograph of a man sitting at a desk
Eric Ravilious the Romantic Modernist at The Royal West of England Academy in Bristol
a photo of a man in a waistcoat sat at a desk