Smash Hits - Adam Ant  June 11 - 24, 1981

21 Vintage Covers Of "Smash Hits" Magazine

John Taylor (Duran Duran) with Julian Lennon - Smash Hits December 1984

Smash Hits Music Magazine 20 Dec - 2 Jan 1984 / 1985 Julian Lennon / Wham in Books, Comics & Magazines, Magazines, Music, Dance & Theatre

Smash Hits so cool, loved getting a free badge! Love that Toyah Wilcox is on the cover I was her in theP7 end of year show! I wanna be free!

Toyah on the cover of Smash Hits Magazine (May 27 - June 9 This was the first issue of the British Smash Hits magazine I ever bought. I wish I still had it.

Smash Hits magazine with Duran Duran on the cover. I remember reading this like it was yesterday...wish I had kept it!

Smash Hits 8 December 1983 - Duran Duran - I had magazine covers featuring Duran Duran around the top of my bedroom walls, something like a frieze.

Smash Hits - Duran Duran  October 15 - 28, 1981 ... I guarantee I owned this copy of this magazine!

21 Vintage Covers Of "Smash Hits" Magazine

The Human League  December 10 - 24, 1981

21 Vintage Covers Of "Smash Hits" Magazine

Star Hits Magazine was the best! I still have a copy of this premier issue.

Star Hits Magazine // I don't know this magazine, but Duran Duran was my favorite band!