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Robin Hood’s Bay, England. Robin Hood’s Bay is a small fishing village and a bay located within the North York Moors National Park, five miles south of Whitby and 15 miles north of Scarborough on the coast of North Yorkshire, England.

Rosedale, North Yorkshire, England

Rosedale, North Yorkshire, England is a valley located almost in the center of the North York Moors national park in North Yorkshire, England. Rosedale is surrounded by some of the most beautiful moorland in England.

Goathland, North Yorkshire, England Literally just up the road! I need to explore more!

A hidden gem. Beck Hole and Malleyn Spout, Goathland, North Yorkshire, England. Beck Hole is a small valley village in the Borough of Scarborough.

Staithes is a seaside village in North Yorkshire, England.

Staithes is a seaside village in North Yorkshire, England. - British Country Clothing offer a great range of quality British made clothing ideal for country pursuits

Robin Hood’s Bay, North England

Robin Hood’s Bay, North England. I actually have a lithograph of the Laurel Inn in Robin Hood's Bay.

This is a great example of space because it shows distance. With the in closed space around the man and the rest of the space surrounding the rest of the picture.

Philadelphia's Homeless 1986 Pulitzer Prize, Feature Photography, Tom Gralish, The Philadelphia Enquirer a homeless man.

Sunset over Roseberry Topping from Cockshaw Hill North Yorkshire Moors.

bellasecretgarden: Cockshaw puddle looking towards Roseberry Topping Sunset by Northernwild by John Stead on Fivehundredpx