Heads or Tails plate | by Mariann Johansen Ellis

Heads or Tails plate 4 color lino reduction plate, a reduction means to cut away as you continue printing the colors.

Italian town linocut by Di Oliver. www.dioliver.co.uk Tags: Linocut, Cut, Print, Linoleum, Lino, Carving, Block, Woodcut, Helen Elstone, Buildings, Town, Europe, Italy.

Italian town linocut by Di Oliver - the white space around linocuts really makes them a lot of the time

linocut print, Four Fish, fish, blue and white, gift for him, fishing, fisherman, cape cod

linocut, Big Boys, fish, blue and white, navy blue, fishing, gift for him, printmaking, beach house, blue, white, home interior, seaside

linocut print Four Fish fish blue and white gift by linocutheaven

Behind the scenes with Tugboat Printshop! Follow the making of our original woodblock prints from start to finish & other interesting projects, too!

Inspiration for machine embroidery --- Valerie Lueth + Paul Roden, Tugboat Printshop ~ Daisy Bouquet ~ Woodcut Detail

Tutorial: Print Your Own Seasonal Greetings Cards Using Linocut Techniques

Use a two-colour linocut printing technique to create your own seasonal greetings cards

I’m a true believer in the idea that practice makes perfect—I have seen this idea in action again and again in my life, so much so that I try to remind myself of this idea nearly every …

Block Prints to Write Home About

Block printing is one of my favorite things to do with kids (and with myself for that matter, who needs a kid to have fun with art?). Later in the week, I will be featuring some Japanese woodblock prints as part of my Art Spotlight series, so in preparation for that, I will show you …

Making Art with Kids: Block Printing Lesson

The Art Curator for Kids - Making Art with Kids - Block Printing Lessons Art Tutorial

Siamese Cat - Original Hand Pulled Linocut Print £18.00

Siamese Cat - Original Hand Pulled Linocut Print

Five Guineas - linocut with watercolor - Nancy Darrell.

Solid black with texture Five Guineas - linocut with watercolor - Nancy Darrell.

Large Cactus Lino Print by Amy Blackwell — On The Wall (Apartment Therapy Main)