Cornish Chickpea: Tehidy Woods

I love this time of year when the wildflowers cover the hedgerows and fill the woods. One of the most beautiful places to see the bluebells.

Cornish Chickpea: Trevoole, a little gem in the heart of Cornwall

Purely in the interest of research for our new garden, I paid a visit to Trevoole today. I absolutely love this place, (and I'm not .

Cornish Chickpea: To the Lighthouse

Godrevy Lighthouse Last year after a major operation I could just walk around my garden once, very slowly.

Cornish Chickpea: Wild Deer Spotting

Cornish Chickpea: Wild Deer Spotting The mighty stag and his harem.

Cornish Chickpea: Samba at Polperro

What a glorious day it has been in Cornwall, I hope the weather has been nice for you where ever you are. Today our Samba band were .

Cornish Chickpea: Simple food

Todays packed lunch On the day I go shopping I usually try to use up any vegetables leftover from the previous week.

Cornish Chickpea: Bunking off to the beach

Porthtowan beach The beauty of living in Cornwall is that you are never far from the sea. I never fail to feel refreshed, happy, posit.

Cornish Chickpea: Sunset, Seagulls, Surfers and Shipwreck

After a sleepless night and a hot tiring day, there's only one place that will sooth.

Cornish Chickpea: Rainy days and quilts

Cornish Chickpea: Rainy days and quilts